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“Imposter Plates” Event -Coming Soon

This week-long event encourages chefs & bakers to transform into mad scientists, sculptors or magicians to create a dish that looks like one thing and tastes like another. Or a dish that doesn’t look like food at all but actually is edible. So ultimately, an imposter is a chef that has decided to play a trick with your sense of sight, smell or taste.

What is an “Imposter”?
An imposter is a restaurant/chef that has decided to play a trick with your senses. They have crafted a plate that looks like a familiar dish, but has decided to twist the ingredients or presentation to deceive your sense of sight, smell or taste.

Currently Seeking Imposters in Pittsburgh


Have you ever thought about an entree that looked like a dessert or vice-versa?  Imagine a macaron that looks like a hamburger! Or a crab cake that was decorated to look like an actual cake.

Can you make vegetables look, taste or smell like meat?  So much that a meat-eater wouldn’t miss the meat at all. 

Do you have an overall knack for sneaking good-for-you ingredients into dishes where they normally wouldn’t be found?